Terms of service

Version: 1.0.0 (18-Oct-2016)

Contract partners

The manufacturer of myWorkouts app and operator related services (e.g., Internet server, push services, etc.) is:

wellcrafted Software UG (limited) i.G.
Rundsweg 1c
D-83026 Rosenheim

Tel. +49 8031 / 60 96 88

Object of the contract

myWorkouts - your logbook for sports activities

myWorkouts is an app that has been developed primarily for athletic people. It allows to record movements and data about sports activities. The purpose is to learn about the activity (during and after) and to measure progress of training.

With the use of myWorkouts, the user agrees to following terms of service and to the privacy policy.

This policy can change any time but will be announced in updated versions of the app.

At your own risk

The use of myWorkouts is at your own risk - no reliance on measured values!

myWorkouts detects various physical or biological values, such as the heart rate, the geo-coordinate, or the altitude above sea level.

Due to measurement errors, faulty devices and programming errors, these values may differ greatly from the actual values. Therefore, the user must never completely rely on the values displayed in the app. Also the calculation of training zones, distances covered, ascents, velocities, consumed calories and the like are at most indications and can even be completely wrong.

Please definitely go to a sports doctor before the training intensity is changed. Only a doctor can make reliable recommendations for the stress capacity of your body after a physical examination, the myWorkouts app can not do that!


The provision and use of the basic functionality of myWorkouts is free of charge.

However, the following costs may arise due to the use:

  • Data transfer costs (e.g., when downloading offline maps, synchronizing data, transferring analysis data to use the app).
  • Sending SMS (this is switched off by default, the user is explicitly warned when switching on and a quota can be set so that the costs can be capped).
  • In case of intensive use, especially when using GPS (geo-coordinate tracking), the battery and other components of the Android device can be more stressed and thus worn out more quickly.

In-App Purchases

In-App Purchases will come later.

In future versions of myWorkouts, advanced features and services will be offered as in-app purchases. The purchase has to be explicitly made and confirmed by the user and the app also works without these additional products (but offers fewer functions or less detailed data and statistics/analysis).


Advertising unlikely, but not impossible

It may be that advertising is displayed in the app to cover development and operating costs. This is currently not planned, but can not be ruled out for the future.

Service and period of validity

We do what we can and as long as we can

The app and associated (partly paid) services are provided indefinitely, but can be stopped at any time for important reasons.

Products and subscriptions purchased as in-app purchases will in any case remain their value and may be used until the end of the paid period.

If the service has to be discontinued, an attempt is made to provide appropriate data export and transfer procedures in similar apps or sports portals. This does not guarantee that the data can be copied in all details.

Offline-Maps (OpenStreetMap)

Please share offline-maps!

myWorkouts offers the possibility to download offline maps with the data from OpenStreetMap from Internet servers. The use of these maps is free of charge and due to the license of these maps it is also expressly allowed to pass these cards to friends or acquaintances.

However, due to their size (several hundred megabytes), these maps impose high demands on the capacity and network connection of the download servers.

It is therefore advisable not to download all available maps in series or to update them at short intervals. If the volume and the server load are correspondingly high, it might be necessary to charge a small fee for the download to cover the costs. However, this does not constitute a license fee, that is, The maps can continue to be shared and passed on without restriction, which is not only tolerated but expressly desired.

Data Protection

Your data is pretty secure!

myWorkouts tries to protect your data from third-party access. More on this topic can be found in the Privacy Policy. Please read the privacy policy! You’ll also find a list of the Android privileges used by the app and when and how they are used.

Negative Ratings, Feedback

Please give feedback. Negative ratings harm us both!

The user agrees to report the deficiencies via the feedback function or by e-mail in the case of malfunctions and deficiencies of the myWorkouts app, thus giving the opportunity to correct the deficiencies.

This is not a compulsion, but it is regarded as fair cooperation and is the prerequisite for a successful further development and should ultimately also enable the user more fun and success with the myWorkouts app.

MyWorkouts is protected by copyright and may not be altered, rented or sold without permission.

The app contains software and works that are also protected by various licenses.